• The above photo is of Carson, the day he was born, and one of the mares from his herd. He was struggling to find any of them that he could bond and nurse from.
  • Fertility study horses are wild horses (aka mustangs, estrays, Comstock) gathered from the Virginia range in Nevada and were used by the vet school in Nevada/Reno through the Dept of Ag to study various pregnancy prevention products looking for a use to help control wild horses. The grant money ran out, and through a series of events the horses ended up at our ranch - 33 of them. From this group there were 2 aborted foals, 1 stillborn colt, 1 filly (aka Hope) died after 1 week, 2 more fillies that are healthy, and Carson. The stallions have been gelded and are at various locations in Nevada. This is Carson's story...

Stormy left…

Stormy got adopted out and today he went to his new home.  Me & Brian are sad.  We always ran and played and reared and bucked together.  Brian took Stormy up on the hillside last night for the last time but I stayed in with Grandma & Grandpa cuz I don’t like the rain.  Me & Brian stayed in the barn all day together and when the trailer came  back I went to see if Stormy was there, but it was empty.  I still have Brian to nap on though.  Mom says both of us are her boys and we’ll never go anywhere

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