• The above photo is of Carson, the day he was born, and one of the mares from his herd. He was struggling to find any of them that he could bond and nurse from.
  • Fertility study horses are wild horses (aka mustangs, estrays, Comstock) gathered from the Virginia range in Nevada and were used by the vet school in Nevada/Reno through the Dept of Ag to study various pregnancy prevention products looking for a use to help control wild horses. The grant money ran out, and through a series of events the horses ended up at our ranch - 33 of them. From this group there were 2 aborted foals, 1 stillborn colt, 1 filly (aka Hope) died after 1 week, 2 more fillies that are healthy, and Carson. The stallions have been gelded and are at various locations in Nevada. This is Carson's story...

That’s my boy!

I was awakened, again, to the dogs telling me that Carson was in the driveway.  Oh that boy!  I looked out, barely focused, to see him busily eating the snow off the hood of my truck.  Moving his head back and forth he was making little piles that he could snatch up and enjoy.  After a cup of coffee and a little more focused, I had to look out, again, to be sure he wasn’t spending his mischievous time taking the trash that was loaded for the dump out of the back of the truck!  Nope, it was still there and as I was making sure his cute head popped up over the top of the cab.  Trying to figure out what he was doing and how he could look so tall, I made my way outside to find that Carson had climbed up on the flatbed trailer and was busy making his little piles and eating them.  The boy is not afraid of anything!  He loads himself in the horse trailer, climbs the stairs to the tack room, gets in to whatever he can.  He most definitely needs a job to put that inquisitive and fearless personality to work.   I love my boy!

3 Responses

  1. That is priceless…What a funny boy! I can see why you love him so much! Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. He is the cutest thing ever. We should get Chilly Pepper, Carson and Honey Bandit together. Wouldn’t that be a zoo!

    Watch out or he’ll be driving that truck.

    hugs P

    • I’m sure he’d sit on the seat next to you but would require his own soda and burger! Don’t tempt me…. Brian, Rebel, TT, and Carson all walk through fences. They have no boundaries. Have to get the mustang area and training area fenced in with field fence & wire. When we get ready to do that, maybe when the boys are out of school, you can bring the kids with you and we’ll put them in the training area together. DaBubbles can have the tack room all to himself =)

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